Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Attend Today=Achieve Tomorrow!

Regular school attendance is a critical contributor to student success. Board Policy 204 – Attendance-which is based upon Pennsylvania Public School Code, provides attendance guidelines for students.  Understanding this attendance policy will help prevent truancy issues and unwanted citations.   For more information on the importance of school attendance, please click aritcle.
administrators at RLAJHS
This year, we welcome our new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Amy Landis, to the administrative team at Red Lion Area Junior High School.Mrs. Landis is a 1990 graduate of William Penn Sr. High School, a 1994 graduate of Shippensburg University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education, has a Master’s Degree from University of Scranton in Educational Administration, and is currently working on a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership through Concordia University.  After graduating from Shippensburg, she married her husband, Thom Landis (a 1989 William Penn graduate and US Naval Academy graduate) and began her life as a Navy wife.  This journey resulted in her teaching in many places, such as Newport RI, Norfolk VA, Gulfport MS, and Dahlgren VA.  She also lived for a short period of time in Naples Italy.  Mrs. Landis took 8 years off from teaching to be a stay at home mom, and has two sons and a daughter ranging in age from 15 to 9.  After the 8 year break, Mrs. Landis returned to her home district of York City as a math teacher at Edgar Fahs Smith and then at William Penn.  As the unfortunate result of furloughs, she spent her last two years of teaching at Northern York Middle School prior to returning again to York City as an administrator, where she was the Assistant Principal of Jackson K-8 school for two years.

  Additionally, we still have our Principal, Mr. Shane Mack and Dean of Students, Mr. Chad Keiser. 

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In addition to the P.R.I.D.E. tickets students have been able to earn, we have implemented a new VIP program this school year, beginning after the first marking period.  Criteria for becoming a VIP is:

ü  No unexcused absences for marking period.
ü  No more than 2 tardies.
ü  C or above in all classes.
ü  No outstanding library fines.
ü  No office discipline referrals.
ü  Consistently follows PRIDE Matrix:


Other important information:

ü  Students must carry card to receive privileges.
ü  Card is good for one marking period.
ü  May earn card every marking period.
ü  Card will be revoked for discipline referrals. 

What does a VIP card get my child you ask?? Well…

PRIDEapalooza – once a month during ROAR
Gym - Sports
Cafeteria - Music
Art - Drawing & Music
Library - Reading
Outside - On field
2 Minutes Early for Lunch - Daily
VIP Seating for Assemblies - Assemblies
Fedora Friday - Fridays

VIP status ALL 4 Marking Periods = Extra Fun Day Time

Also new this year, students and staff can give P.R.I.D.E. tickets to staff members who they believe have followed the staff P.R.I.D.E. matrix:


Just like with student tickets, there will be a drawing that can earn lucky staff member’s some awesome rewards!

One more thing…we have also created a Student Advisory Team this year.  This team will be comprised of students and their function will be to assist with culture and climate change.  It is important to us at RLAJHS that our student body voice is heard!

                      PRIDE STARTS WITH YOU!                      

What’s Brewing
If you like donuts, coffee, mornings, or simply visiting your child’s school and meeting with staff to discuss what’s happening, please join us for our “What’s Brewing” meetings at 7 a.m. on:
December 6, 2016 * February 7, 2017 * April 11, 2017

~New During ROAR~
Have you heard your child talk about something called a Brain Break??  A scheduled brain break occurs every day during ROAR to get students up and moving for a few minutes and to give their brain, well, a breakJ  View the attached link for a sample brain break and give it a try!


Important dates to Remember:
November 7 – 7th grade Student of the Month Assembly
November 8 – 8th grade Student of the Month Assembly
November 18 – Career Day
November 21, 22- Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 23-28 – Thanksgiving Break
December 6 – What’s Brewing
December 16 – Spelling Bee
December 17 – Holiday Concert
December 19, 20- Auditions for 8th grade band
December 24 – January 2- Holiday Break
January 18- End of Second Marking Period


This year, Red Lion Area Junior High is excited to join the efforts of the Senior High by creating their own Mini-THON club! The club is made up of 7th and 8th graders who will learn about THON and Four Diamonds, collaborate to plan and host fundraisers, and engage in philanthropic efforts to spread awareness about childhood cancer. The students will then participate in Red Lion Area High School's Mini-THON in March and present their efforts at the Junior High level to contribute to the money raised to help fight pediatric cancer!


Are you missing something and think you may have misplaced it at school?  Please check our lost and found.  Come to the guidance office for more information.

John Pritikin Assembly -  7th Grade

On October 22, 2016, Mr. John Pritikin came to talk to our 7th graders about acceptance, hope, and kindness.  Mr. Pritikin travels the world presenting and sharing his own personal story of struggle and triumph.  Thank you Representative Saylor for making this assembly possible two years in a row!!!

#Spirit Week... a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

Image result for music notes clipartStudents are greeted each morning (weather permitting) with music as they enter the building.  Currently, the music schedule is:
Rock -n- Pop Mondays
Country Tuesdays
Reggae Wednesdays
Bluesy Thursdays

All Request Fridays (stop by Mrs. Hammers' room with a school appropriate song request!)

For any 8th graders interested in York Tech...

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Summer Program Information

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth’s (CTY) summer, online, and family programs are a great fit for highly motivated students who are ready to explore their interests more deeply, challenge themselves academically, and connect with other bright kids who love to learn.

The first step in joining this worldwide community of learners is the CTY Talent Search. Students take an above-grade-level test, which provides insight into their true academic abilities; students who earn qualifying scores on the test are invited to participate in CTY programs and award ceremonies. Financial aid is available for students with a demonstrated need. Additionally, CTY offers weekly webinars for parents and educators.

Joining the Talent Search is easy. Please contact Jennifer Way at for more information about the CTY talent search, CTY tests, fees & deadlines, and enrollment.

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Career Day

Career Day will be held on November 18, 2016 at the Junior High.  Students will get to hear from 13 different speakers throughout the day and also learn about the importance of volunteering.  Students especially enjoy the visit from the Bloodhound Search and Rescue Group.  The counseling office is still looking for volunteers that have unique careers.  Please contact Jodi Stauffer at if you are interested.

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GPAC is a course taught to seventh and eighth grade students by the school counselors.  The course was developed around the standards of the American School Counselors Association and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  We will be covering units on Personality/Social skills and Academic skills with the seventh grade students.  We will be working on Career Portfolios with the eighth grade students.  The GPAC curriculum will be taught by the school counselors throughout the school year.  We look forward to working with your student this year! All assignments in GPAC are completed in the classroom.   GPAC is a fun way for students to gain personal growth and insight.  Students will learn that interests, aptitudes, and abilities are unique for each individual and play a key role in school and life successes.  

Physical Education

      The start of school has been busy for Physical Education students, and the first few lessons were designated to acquiring a baseline fitness level through a program called Fitnessgram. The exercises that were measured were: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. Student scores were recorded with the goal of individual improvement by the end of the year.
      Also following testing, the students for the first time were able to select from a group of four activities in which to participate. The activities include flag football, field hockey, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. If the first month of school is any indication, students and staff are looking forward to an exciting year of physical education!  
     Reminder for students needing excused participation, please bring notes to the nurse.

Concert Choir
Concert Choir is an auditioned ensemble consisting of 130 students from 7th and 8th grade.  The students perform two annual concerts (December and April) as well as any other performance opportunities that may arise in the course of the year.  Students involved in concert choir should expect to perform a varied repertoire of music that is age appropriate to their musical development.  Along with rehearsals, students receive sectional lessons where music objectives are taught using choral repertoire as well as an assessment based on rehearsals, lessons, singing/rhythm tests, and attendance at dress rehearsals/concerts.  Students are taught to be musicians as well as singers.


The Envirothon & Conservation Club is a competitive group of students that work throughout the school year to increase their knowledge about environmental issues.  Student teams compete against other schools in York County in the areas of forestry, wildlife, aquatics, and current issues.  The competition occurs in May at John Rudy County Park after months of studying.  Teams are tested in all four areas and awards are granted for the top three teams in each of the four areas as well as the top five teams for their overall score.  Beyond the competition, the Envirothon & Conservation Club is also working to expand its influence with possible conservation projects around the school and within the Red Lion Community.  If you have any suggestions for projects or possible opportunities for our club to become involved with improving our local environment please contact Mr. Dan Dellinger ( with information. 


Red Lion Area Junior High is “launching” into STEM in a big way, ROCKETRY. Eight grade Technology Education classes are exploring, designing, constructing and testing scale model rockets. The process starts small and builds to actual launching of scale model rockets. Initial activities involve making and test flying a straw rocket to introduce basic aerodynamic concepts of drag, stability, propulsion, thrust etc. Science and math are incorporated as students sight the flight apogee and calculate the rocket’s altitude.

The information learned is used to help students design their launch ready scale model. They construct the rocket components of body tube, fins and nosecone. The nosecone is drawn in CAD and 3D printed in plastic. Rockets are then assembled and run through a series of ground and low altitude tests to determine the most effective rockets. The course culminates with Launch Day when the top three designs are loaded and sent hundreds of feet skyward.  

TV Studio Club

The TV Studio Club meets on Days 2 and 6. The club is reserved for those students who are working in the TV Studio each school day.  This is a time set aside for the members to reflect on their roles during the morning announcements.  They have the opportunity at this time to discuss and suggest any additions or changes that may be needed for the announcements. Throughout the year,  members will also spend this time during ROAR to create videos to add to the morning announcements throughout the year.  

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Sign-Language Club
The Sign-Language Club is dedicated to promoting second languages in today's world. The club teaches basic American Sign-Language and practices those skills in a safe and fun environment either through finger-spelling activities or sign responses that ask and answer "Where, When, What and/or Who." As the year progresses students will begin to integrate their beginning skills as they sign during holiday concerts or morning announcements. Currently, there are over 60 students enrolled in the Day 6 club that meets in the cafeteria. If you have any suggestions for projects or possible opportunities for our club to become involved with please contact Miss Darlene Bidoli ( or Mrs. Teri Key ( with information. 

          Pep Club:

The Pep Club is a group of 8th grade students dedicated to brightening the halls of the Junior High by celebrating student achievement. Pep Club students are responsible for rotating the displays in the monthly showcases outside the cafeteria. The showcases exhibit our 7th and 8th grade overall Student of the Month, as well as students who have earned Student of the Month for individual classes and our monthly birthdays. Other projects completed by the Pep Club include banners for each sports team and the many organizations students at the Junior High can be involved in. Students in Pep Club learn the value of using design and color to create eye-catching displays for everyone to enjoy and to hopefully inspire more student involvement.


 Mural Club:

The Mural Club is a community art based group made up of both 7th and 8th grade students who use the creative process to design and create a large-scale artwork that is permanently hung in the school. This year’s mural theme is the 5 characteristics of “PRIDE.” Students are collaborating in small groups to develop an aesthetically pleasing piece based on each characteristic. Through this process students are encouraged and inspired to use their artwork to become more involved in their community resulting in strong connections to their peers and their school while making their environment more colorful and welcoming.

Book of the Month Club

    Book of the Month was created for people whom enjoy reading a variety of genres and discussing with fellow book-worms. We meet once a cycle in the library to discuss the novel we are currently reading. We finished our first novel, Skellig in one week! Currently, we are reading Lord of the Flies. After this novel, each member will be able to choose a book they would like the group to read each month.


Orchestra meets every day 2, 4, and 6 during ROAR and is a continuation of the orchestra program in the elementary schools and a prerequisite for the Senior High orchestra class. The orchestra works together to sharpen our skills on our string instruments and to present three concerts throughout the year - the holiday concert on December 17th, the pops concert on March 12th, and the spring concert on May 21st. We will be playing at various assemblies as well. We also meet in small groups once a cycle in order to work more closely on our individual instruments. Orchestra has been said by students to be a great way to make friends, grow musically, gain confidence, and stay disciplined.​

Science Fair

The Science fair club is a time for students to research science fair topics and then to choose a testable topic.  I will assist students in selecting and setting up their project.  If we have the materials here in school students may do their experiment during club.  If their project requires other equipment they will have to perform their experiment at home.  After the experiments have been completed students will make a display board of their work.  In May we will hold the Junior High science Fair competition.  There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.  If students wish to enter the York county science fair they will need to do an additional research paper and keep a journal of their work and thought process.

Chess Club

Chess club will meet every day four during ROAR.  There are about seventy-five students signed up for the club.  We are currently getting organized and learning how to play chess.  Last club period,  we watched a chess tutorial video and discussed various situations while playing chess.  Since we have many student at many different skill levels,  students will practice and help teach each other through December.  Sometime in January, we will set up a chess tournament for the club. 

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The mission of the Mathcounts Club is to increase excitement and enthusiasm for mathematics.   Students are challenged with fun math problems that require students to “think outside the box” of traditional mathematics.  During club time, students work in groups to solve problems in a low-stress and fun environment.   Students in the Mathcounts Club will have the opportunity to compete in two competitions throughout the school year.  The first is a county-wide competition held at York College on January 10th.   The top 5 students will then compete in the regional competition which will be held at Millersville University sometime in February. 

Diversity Week

RLAJHS celebrated Diversity during the week of October 25-29, including “national mix it up day”, where students sat with different children at lunch than who they normally sit with, “Mikayla’s Voice”, a powerful assembly presented by a mother/daughter team about disabilities and the importance of inclusion, and the creation of our “Wheels of Friendship” mural, which every student had a part in and will be on display at RLAJHS.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

November 1st – 15th, 2016

A wonderful opportunity for Red Lion families & staff
to join together in sharing our blessings with others.

Each school will collect non-perishable foods to support families in our community.  This is a great chance to talk with children about helping others.  Donations can be sent to school with children or they can be dropped off.

Kindergarten - boxed potato mixes
Grade 1 - boxed stuffing mix
 Grade 2 - cans of soup or soup mixes
 Grades 3 - canned fruit
Grade 4 - brownie mix
  Grades 5 - canned vegetables
 Grade 6 - cranberry sauce
 Grade 7 - canned vegetables or fruit
Grade 8 - cake mix and frosting

               ** We can only accept unopened & unexpired items. 
                       Please refrain from sending glass containers. **

We will also accept monetary donations of cash or checks made payable to “RLASD Project PRIDE” with “Thanksgiving Food Drive” in the subject line.  All monetary donations will be used to assist in purchasing items such as aluminum cooking trays.  Please send monetary contributions to school in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Thanksgiving Food Drive.”