Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Veterans Day 2016

The Red Lion Junior High School hosted a series of events surrounding Veteran's Day on Friday, November 11th, 2016.  We had approximately 40 veterans at the JH, some in their uniform, and they were greeted by students who thanked them for their service while the band also played a few numbers.  Donuts and coffee as well as a presentation from the choir followed, in addition to a tour of the building. You may have even seen us on the nightly news.  It was an incredible day for the students, staff, and veterans, and we look forward to an even bigger event on November 11, 2017 – all who have served are invited to attend so mark your calendars now!


Each team received 30 bricks and 25 pieces of candy, and the instructions below.  They were given about 30 minutes to work.

Each team will build a structure with the bricks and sticks allotted to them.  Your structure MUST be built on the cardboard foundation.  You may trade candy for bricks if you need/want more bricks.   Team with the highest score wins!  See pricing and scoring guidelines below:

Height  (4 inch minimum)  - 2 points for each inch above 4
Openings (windows/doors- must be at least the width of a brick) – 2 points each
Wind (fan) – 5 points
Earthquake (shaking your foundation) – 10 points

More bricks:
1 brick = 1 piece of candy
10 bricks = 8 pieces of candy



JH Band

The Band is a dedicated group of students who perform for a variety of concerts, assemblies, and events throughout the year. The Band performs at a football game with our high school marching band, a Holiday Concert, a Spring Concert, music assemblies, and other events that support our school and community. Band rehearses on Day 2, 4, and 6 during Roar and students have a small group sectional once a six-day cycle. The primary goal of our band program is to provide students with a comprehensive music education, while teaching the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed as a young musician as well as a young adult. 

Songs about SCIENCE!!

How can learning Science be even more fun than it already is??  When we sing about it, that's how!!

News from Mr. Strine

Our classroom prepared a holiday meal (Turkey, Stuffing, REAL Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Corn, and Gravy), and as you can see from the picture the students did a great job and approved of the meal!  

Physical Education News

Students in Physical Education class have been exploring a variety of sports and fitness activities including: backyard games, wresting, group fitness, gymnastics, tennis, and weight training. Students will continue to choose various indoor sports units for the next few months such as: volleyball, basketball, and touchball.

On Wednesday, March 1st, and Thursday, March 2nd, students will be participating in a Hoops for Heart event during their Physical Education classes. Please help us to raise our goal of $1,500.00 for the American Heart Association! Students will be receiving prizes based on the amount of money they raise for the event! Students will be bringing home donation forms, however money can also be raised through the link posted below:

Gym with...Mr. Mack??!

Mixing Music and Fitness is a Ton of Fun!!

Patriots Pen Essay Contest

Patriotic Participation in the 2016-2017 Patriot’s Pen Competition
Presented by the Red Lion Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1446

Certificate of Recognition:   
Christine Kapp
Rachel Reba
Jesse Schwartz
Ariyah Stinnett

Certificate for Honorable Effort:   
Hunter Wert          $25.00
Certificate for 4th place:       
Aaiyah Van Hovel          $25.00
                         3rd place:       
Ashton Neal                  $50.00
                         2nd place:       
Anne Hudson                $75.00
                         1st place:        
Kayla Tracey                $100.00

Select Choir
Below is a picture of Select Choir members caroling at Wyndridge Farms.  The majority of the group was Show Choir members, but a few concert choir members also joined and even a former student who is now in the high school stepped in to sing!!!  :-)


Students are utilizing the new study materials on our Google Classroom that were collected at the November Coaches Meeting.  We have scheduled a study session with the staff at Richard Nixon Park in early April which should help student understanding of the content.  Currently, due to winter weather and temperatures our meetings revolve around studying the various topics using our resources.  Students have been able to watch videos from a trail camera set up by Mr. Dellinger. The videos have shown the activity of whitetail deer, red fox, grey squirrels, and other wildlife in 30 second video segments.  These videos have helped students to understand the behavior of these animals and have given them an insight into their world.  Students are also being quizzed occasionally by Miss Mahon and Mr. Dellinger with the use of interactive and fun Envirothon Kahoots using their mobile devices and computers.  As we approach February we are hopeful for an early spring so we can get outside.

Code Club

A Computer Science club was added at the beginning of the second marking period.  Participants are learning a computer language, called JavaScript, as they work through online courses offered by Code.org.   The online experiences are composed of mostly self-guided and self-paced tutorials, which use scaffolded sets of programming instructions to explore and practice algorithmic thinking.

The students are developing the skills of a computer scientist through the development of Computational Thinking Practices:
  1. Creativity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Communication
  4. Persistence
  5. Problem Solving​

String Ensemble

The orchestra's first performance of the year was a huge success! We joined the band and choir for a holiday concert that was unforgettable. The string ensemble also performed at the Dallastown Nursing Center and for the school during a morning arrival. The orchestra is now gearing up for our Pops Concert, which will be Sunday, March 12th at 2pm at the Junior High. Stay tuned for more information!​

Book of the Month Club

It has been a pretty busy winter for our club! Some members were selected for chorus and sadly we had to say goodbye. In 2016, BOM read Skellig, Lord of Flies, Flowers for Algernon, and Chains. To start off 2017, we are reading Tangerine by Edward Bloor. 


News from Mrs. McGurk

My students used a Maker’s Station in the library to bind together their class’s narratives into an anthology.  Then, on the day before break, we had a celebration with cocoa and cookies where students shared their stories and gave each other feedback in small groups.


Spelling Bee

Every year students at Red Lion Junior High who are interested in the spelling bee take a written spelling bee test.  This year the top 24 scorers on the written test were given the opportunity to participate in the spelling bee that took place on December 16.  This year’s winner was Nicholas Hardesty, Celina Dang placed second, and Allison Keller finished in third place.  These three students were then eligible to take place in the next round of the spelling bee competition in Harrisburg.  Congratulations to the winners and participants in the 2016 Red Lion Junior High Spelling Bee!


 Science Fair Club

Students have presented their ideas for the science fair.  They have written their hypotheses and a procedure for performing their experiment.  The next phase is for the participants to perform their experiments, collect data, and analyze their data.  Some of the ideas presented include:  Bioluminescence, reaction times, electric strength of fruits and vegetables, and a ping pong catapult.

Chess Club

The chess club currently has twenty-five 7th grade students and thirty-four 8th grade students.  We will practice for one more meeting.  In our next session, we will begin to set up a 7th grade and an 8th grade tournament. 

Cat’s Paw

Cat’s Paw is continuing to publish the writing, artwork, and photography of the students at the junior high. The staff is working to curate the best pieces of creative talent to showcase on the Cat’s Paw website (https://sites.google.com/rlschools.net/jhcatspaw) each month. The student staff has also added a teacher showcase each month where members of the faculty have submitted writing, photography, and artwork for publication with student submissions. The staff is currently working to craft marketing campaigns to aid in encouraging further submission from students and teachers alike. We are proud to show the creativity and skill of Red Lion Junior High!

Counseling Department News

Career Day

Career Day was held at Red Lion Area Junior High on November 18th.  Students in grades 7 and 8 were able to hear presentations and ask questions to eleven different speakers in various careers.  Some of the careers that were highlighted were: photographer, large animal veterinarian, bankruptcy attorney, police officer, speech pathologist, railway engineer, and many others.  The Middle Creek Search and Rescue group came and performed a demonstration for the students.  They talked to the students about the importance of volunteering in their community.  Students were also able to hear from Jennifer Wagman, a graduate of Red Lion Area School District, who is now working as a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft. 


 Not One More Assembly

On Friday, January 13, 2017, representatives from the Not One More organization came to the Junior High to talk to students about drugs, drug abuse and addiction.  The purpose of Not One More is to bring awareness, education and support to the community.  Students got to hear different perspectives on how drugs and drug abuse affect people’s lives and their families.  For more information about Not One More go to: http://www.notonemoreyorkpa.org/

Thanksgiving Food Drive

From November 1 – 10, 2016, the District held its annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.   7th and 8th grade students collected over 1,200 donations of can vegetables, can fruits, cake mix and icing.  These donations were used to provide meals for families in our community over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Just at the Junior High 10 families received meals which assisted 54 people.


Christmas Angels

Every year the Junior High staff can participate in a program we call Christmas Angels.  The program consists of Junior High members who volunteer to buy gifts and household items for families that are in need in our community during the Christmas holiday.  Over 29 staff members participated this year providing gifts to 9 families that included a total of 27 children. 


The word Aevidum, which means “I’ve got your back,” was created by students in Lancaster, PA after a classmate died by suicide. Aevidum inspires schools and communities to adopt cultures of care and advocacy, encouraging all members to have their friends’ backs. Aevidum exists in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges across the nation.  At Aevidum’s core is an educational philosophy that positions Aevidum advisors in roles to challenge students to find their strengths and then to discover opportunities where they can amplify their voices. These experiences empower students to live lives of purpose and substance.



Our first quarterly PRIDEapalooza was a huge success.  Students with VIP cards were able to select any one of the following activities during ROAR:

Gym - Sports      Cafeteria - Music      Art - Drawing & Music         
Library - Reading         Outside - On field


Important dates to Remember:

January 24- Report Cards sent home
February 7 -  What’s Brewing 7 am
February 7- 7th grade Student of the Month Assembly 8 am
February 8 – 8th grade Student of the Month Assembly 8 am
February 14 – JH Dance 3:00-4:30 pm
February 17 – No School – Teacher Professional Development
February 20- No School – Presidents Day Holiday
March 8 – JH Solo and Ensemble Recital 7 pm
March 12 – JH Orchestra Concert 2 pm
March 24 – Mini Thon

March 27 – End of 3rd Marking Period